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Merry Meet again

When the weather is warm and sunny I love to wander around the countryside near me and the weather lately has been glorious.

I decided today to re-charge my batteries so to speak and to join with nature.  I found the most amazing spot near Sheffield Park, relatively near to where I live.

This place is so wonderful and peaceful, plenty of  nooks and crannies to get away from the people who visit,  its owned by the National Trust so you have to pay a fee to enter, but with such wonderful beauty around, I didn’t mind.

Whilst I was in one particular cranny that I love I decided to mediate, I usually take off my shoes so my fee connects with the earth and the spirits around.  I close my eyes and breathe deeply, its very relaxing.  Reach out with the mind to the earth, allow it to travel  through the ground, connecting with the roots of the plants and trees, follow up and up till you reach the leaves and branches and up into the air.  slowly come back down again, following the path taken, you will find that you become aware of all life around, from the deep ground and the underground streams to beyond, you will find as you connect more that you become aware of even the insects.

Slowly return to where you are, when you feel ready, slowly get up and rub your limbs to ground yourself.  Thank the spirits for their company, and make sure that you leave the spot as you found it.

Merry Part

How to solve a problem like a neighbour

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Where I live is in a small country village, surrounded by the Sussex Downs and about 500 residents in total.  3 pubs and a village shop/postoffice/deli, some big old houses as well as new builds.

I have  an apartment in a small block, built in the 1990’s so I beleive, its lovely and the garden is gorgeous, little lawn with room for my flowers and herbs.  During this hot weather its been bliss having tea in the garden or sitting outside at dusk listening to the sounds of the country, very restful.  Or would be except  for …….

An elderly neighbour!  When I moved in, I was touch by the friendliness of the community, especially this old gentleman who lives at one end of the block.  He’s helped me sort out the garden, ran me into town when the County Council decided in their infinite wisdom to cut the bus service on a Saturday to one bus going into town at 10.20 and one bus coming back at 12.50!  I mean WTF dont they know that at a weekend people want to go out and shop and do things!  Anyway he was a Goddess-send,  driving me into town and I did appreciate it until a few weeks ago.

What happened was one Saturday morning driving back, a friend called me, I’d not heard from her in a while and I enjoyed speaking to her, anyway she invited me on a day out that weekend and I made arrangements to meet her!  All though the conversation my neighbour has a face like thunder, my hear sank, he said to me “So you will go out with her but not me, why is that?” I told him that she was a very good friend and that I’d not seen her for a while.  He ranted on that I didnt care for him.   Oh boy by this time I’m freaking, as soon as I got out of the car, told him that I had an urgent thing to do, ran inside, not easy with 3 heavy shopping bags but I managed it, go in and bolted the door.  Since then I have tried to avoid him in a polite fashion, not very easy in a small village beleive me and he has the habit of wandering by my patio window, so in order to keep harmony and to protect me and my home I have done this small ritual:

Visualise the intrusive person, a photograph is good if you have one, but if not, recall his/her face

Take a piece of calcite, or rose quartz or amethyst

Place the crystal on the symbol if there is one or write his/her name on a piece of  paper and place beneath the crystal

Imagine the potential troublemaker  approaching and say “I am sorry but I am really busy right now and so I cannot give you the attention you need”

Very gently visualise a soft healing blanket rising from the crystal and enveloping the source of the irriatation

In your minds eye, move the figure wrapped in the blanket towards an uspecified shadowy figure who will make the intrusive person happy and welcome such attention, visualise a sea of tranquility around the person

Speak a word of power, it can be anything you want to activate the process

Place the crystal near the door

The ritual can be repeated as often as necessary until the unwelcome attention has ceased

Many thanks to Cassandra Eason for this ritual

I shall let you know how it goes

Merry part for now

About Me

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Merry meet

I’m  a Hedgewitch, what is one I can hear you ask, well a hedgewitch is a solitary witch, I dont work with a coven, perferring to worship the Goddess without the need to be within a group.  There are quite a few of us solitary witches who, for whatever reason, be it distance, or shyness, or simply just haven’t come out of the “broom closet” want to follow less formal magik which is linked to the land and the seasons, many of those before us practised in this way.

You wouldn’t really know I was a witch, I don’t have a pointy hat or dress in black, well only some of the time.  I have a passion for fashionable clothes, love designer clothes and handbags (I have 5 designer bags) although I admit I do have a broomstick and a cauldron which I use in my rituals and I do have a cat, btu apart from that I am a normal person

Brightest blessings