Merry Meet again

When the weather is warm and sunny I love to wander around the countryside near me and the weather lately has been glorious.

I decided today to re-charge my batteries so to speak and to join with nature.  I found the most amazing spot near Sheffield Park, relatively near to where I live.

This place is so wonderful and peaceful, plenty of  nooks and crannies to get away from the people who visit,  its owned by the National Trust so you have to pay a fee to enter, but with such wonderful beauty around, I didn’t mind.

Whilst I was in one particular cranny that I love I decided to mediate, I usually take off my shoes so my fee connects with the earth and the spirits around.  I close my eyes and breathe deeply, its very relaxing.  Reach out with the mind to the earth, allow it to travel  through the ground, connecting with the roots of the plants and trees, follow up and up till you reach the leaves and branches and up into the air.  slowly come back down again, following the path taken, you will find that you become aware of all life around, from the deep ground and the underground streams to beyond, you will find as you connect more that you become aware of even the insects.

Slowly return to where you are, when you feel ready, slowly get up and rub your limbs to ground yourself.  Thank the spirits for their company, and make sure that you leave the spot as you found it.

Merry Part


~ by pamhughes64 on July 17, 2010.

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